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FLUUS Kickstarter Listing Campaign Goes Live on MEXC Global, Promises Airdrop Rewards

By May 24, 2023 No Comments
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Prominent cryptocurrency exchange MEXC Global recently unveiled the commencement of its latest Kickstarter campaign, which is designed to identify and support exceptional projects. The upcoming Kickstarter session will showcase FLUUS (FLUUS), a promising offering with a vision to revolutionize access to Web3 solutions. Participants in the campaign will have the opportunity to stake their MX tokens, vote for FLUUS, and stand a chance to win attractive airdrop rewards.

Founded in March 2022, FlUUS aims to transform the accessibility of Web3 solutions on a global scale. The platform offers a range of crypto solutions, including fiat/crypto pipelines in developing markets, through shared economy principles. Moreover, the project aims to simplify the digital onboarding process that can help bring more users to the crypto ecosystem by providing consumer-facing products that can help bridge the gap between traditional and Web3 user experiences.

A Closer Look at the Campaign

The voting period for the FLUUS Kickstarter campaign commenced on May 23, 2023, at 10:00 UTC and is set to conclude on May 24, 2023, at 09:50 UTC. Trading of FLUUS tokens began on May 24, 2023, at 12:00 UTC, while withdrawal of tokens can be initiated starting from May 25, 2023, at 12:00 UTC. To actively participate in the Kickstarter campaign and be eligible for free FLUUS tokens, users must stake MX tokens and meet specific requirements.

For registration eligibility, users are required to hold a minimum of 1,000 MX or more for 15 consecutive days before May 22, 2023, at 16:00 UTC. Users can deposit MX tokens into their Spot Wallet and participate in the voting period, which runs from May 23, 2023, at 10:00 UTC to May 24, 2023, at 09:50 UTC. 

Lastly, it bears mentioning that during the campaign, MEXC Global users are eligible to employ their MX tokens in lieu of voting rights, with voting being carried out by clicking on the following link

Abundant Rewards: Why Participate?

The FLUUS campaign features an enticing reward pool consisting of 1,200,000 FLUUS tokens and 20,000 USDT. Notably, the campaign sets FLUUS’ native token price at 0 USDT, with a reference price of $0.025. Participants are invited to commit a minimum of 1,000 MX tokens, with a maximum limit of 500,000 MX tokens.

The reward calculations prioritize successful commitments, ensuring participants’ MX tokens remain freely accessible throughout the campaign. Airdrop rewards will be distributed proportionally based on the total votes received by each participant once the campaign concludes. This approach fosters a fair distribution system, where individuals holding larger amounts of MX tokens can enjoy correspondingly higher airdrop rewards.

Moreover, successfully joining the FLUUS Kickstarter campaign grants participants eligibility to partake in other ongoing MEXC Global Kickstarter and Launchpad events. The allocation of rewards for these events is determined based on the users’ effective and committed MX amount. 

To calculate the user rewards, the following formula can be applied: User A’s rewards = (6,000 MX * 1.1) / 100,000,000 * 1,200,000 FLUUS. 

Offering User-Friendly Crypto Services to the Masses

MEXC Global, founded in 2018, is a digital asset trading platform that provides its users with a powerful trading engine as well as an advanced transaction matching module. The platform’s growing market clout is best showcased by the fact since its inception, MEXC Global has successfully served over 10 million users across 170 countries and regions.

Moreover, the exchange’s high-performance trading engine handles an impressive 1.4 million transactions per second while offering a vast network of cryptocurrency traders (>10 million) and other mainstream partners. Lastly, within just 12 months of its launch, MEXC was able to capture 5% of the global digital asset trading market. In fact, the platform won the “Best Crypto Exchange Asia” award at the 2021 Crypto Expo Dubai.

Thus, as the project continues to expand, its ultimate goal is to become the preferred choice for both novice crypto traders and experienced investors, providing unwavering support on their path to financial freedom.