Fantom-Based Ethical Payment Solution Retreeb Partners With Probit Global for IEO Following Successful Integration of the Surging Layer 1 Platform

By September 8, 2021 No Comments

As part of ProBit Global and ethical payment solution Retreeb’s mutual and overarching support of the rapidly growing Fantom blockchain, the IEO powerhouse will host the final leg of Retreeb’s token fundraising initiative until September 13 following the exchange’s integration of its first Fantom-based project. 

The IEO marks a wider commitment to the rapidly growing Fantom ecosystem as ProBit Global continues to expand its global markets with top-growth projects capable of spurring innovation and unique value propositions. 

Early-stage adopters can also accumulate a 3% bonus when completing payments with PROB, a utility token unlocking cascading structure of trading benefits across the platform’s key offerings. 

The current choke points in traditional credit card solutions, namely high trading fees and commissions, are further exacerbated by the dominance of Visa and Mastercard in the global card and payments market with volumes of $1.97T and $837B. 

Retreeb spearheads efficient and low-cost transactions through a dual token system to resolve key pain points while augmenting its cornerstone solidary cashback system that funnels 33% of all revenue to approved social organizations with zero-commission fees. 

With 77% of consumers and 73% of investors prioritizing CSR-aligned businesses, the CSR Launchpad provides immediate funding to social and environmental funds that are voted in by holders.

(s)Treeb serves as the platform’s key stablecoin backed by an equal amount of collateral in the respective currency reserve, lowering commission fees to as low as 0.9% for merchants while benefiting social causes for every transaction made. 

The (u) Treeb token plays a pivotal role in aligning the key value propositions of both CSR and cryptocurrency by providing unprecedented levels of system governance, allowing holders to stake tokens and vote for prospective social causes. 

Retreeb has adopted the Lachesis aBFT consensus mechanism used by Fantom to enable equal distribution of validation rewards due to nodes achieving consensus independently and bypasses the need to vote on the network state for a considerable boost in throughput and finality. 

Retreeb is a new decentralized way to pay, simple, practical, economical, which allows you to act in accordance with the universal values of ethics, sharing and solidarity. Retreeb is the first distributed payment solution that shares one third of its network fees to fund social and solidarity projects.

Launched in 2019, our mission is to build a payment ecosystem that creates the conditions for a better distribution of value, but without additional fees to consumers.

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