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EVO SURFERS wins investment by MoonXBT Labs

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EVO SURFERS gets investment from MoonXBT labs

Malaysia, May 12, 2022 — Gaming is widely known as a lucrative business. But so far it has only been true for the game developers. However, this is going to change with the advent of GameFi, a blockchain-based game which empowers its players to earn via playing the game. This way, players will be incentivized to stay on the game, in the meantime doubling down on their investment of time in the game, driven by FOMO.

A newly-launched GameFi project, EVO SURFERS has recently received investments from MoonXBT labs. As the third-largest crypto trading exchange in Vietnam, MoonXBT is in its bid to further its domain in GameFi.

In EVO SURFERS, a civilization evolution game, players will be given a stronger immersive experience by partaking in the typical DeFi + GameFi + Metaverse integrated game platform.

Players of the EVO SURFERS get to pay in many different ways. They can be rewarded DeFi tokens through liquidity mining or pledge mining. The NFTs and tokens they owned may appreciate in value and they will receive loyalty when their props and lands on auction have been employed by other users. 

As of March 2022, over 1,400 GameFi projects are listed in DappRadar. Just last month, the AI-powered GameFi project Mirror World, which builds multiple games with interoperable NFT assets, landed a whopping $4 million seed funding.

GameFi is a fusion of the gaming industry with decentralized finance. Breaking the tradition of pay-to-earn mode by the traditional video games, GameFi projects adopt the play-to-earn mode. In GameFi, players are rewarded cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens or in-game assets, such as avatars, weapons, and costumes.

These assets, 100-percent owned by the players, can be freely-traded at open market outside the game on NFT marketplace or crypto exchanges.

“GameFi marks a new phase of marching towards metaverse as an organic part of the entertainment fracture of the futuristic ecosystem”

said George Lee, COO of the leading social crypto trading exchange MoonXBT.

The advert of the GameFi has changed the gaming economy from a closed Pay-to-Play mode to an open market where all players can enter, Lee said, adding the blockchain technology has enabled the formation of a whopping gaming economy that comprised many GameFi projects.

Lee said at the heart of the GameFi projects is the user-centered Play-to-Earn mode, as the thirst for profit while having fun is hard-wired into human’s DNA.

“The GameFi Guilds also help level up the ecosystem as most GameFi projects partner with gaming guilds to reach out to gamers, further bolstering the development of DeFi and DAO”

Lee said.

GameFi Guilds operates in a similar vein as an open-ended fund, in which users can enter without barrier. When the players manage to earn in the GameFi project, they would begin investing using the cryptocurrencies earned, extending their involvement in the DeFi market and the DAO of course, he continued.

“GameFi has natural advantage in building a user community, which DAO can come into play by allowing users holding tokens to partake in managing the community. This way, it can further push the limits of the interconnection among users”

Lee said.

Painting a rosy prospect for GameFi industry, Lee said:

“GameFi has shaped the way that we do entertainment and has taken the way we turn our passion into paychecks to another level. Its quick-recognition worldwide has been nothing short of a miracle.”

GameFi provides another potential boom with its ability to attract large crowds of user base, giving a boost to the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide, which is what MoonXBT has been devoting itself to, Lee noted.

The GameFi market exploded, so much as marketplaces like MoonXBT also set their sight on the rising star of the crypto world.

The crypto trading exchange, widely-known for its features such as social trading and one-click copy trading, has gamified the crypto trading process to a full extent. 

While long enjoyed the perks of having a large user base, the exchange offers cryptonauts with a fully-fledge crypto trading community, that comes with a gamfication function – trading battles. Users can start a battle with other cryptonauts in the community to spice up the trading. Before that, they can also learn from the best traders by click the copy trading function, as the platform make public in real time the list of best traders sorting out in various metrics, such as ROR, win rate.

Sounds exciting? Stay tuned the great evolution if you don’t want to miss out!

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