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DEP, Native Token of GameFi Ecosystem, Prepares for Listings Across Multiple Platforms

By March 14, 2022 No Comments

EAPcoin (DEP) is the native token of GameFi ecosystem Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), the Singapore-based company which is developing a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace called PlayMining.

The DEP token, which can be used as payment for the purchase of NFTs, is actually distributed on the PlayMining platform, which has over 2.3 million users in over 100 countries. Between April 2020 and December 2021, creators made over 1 billion yen ($8.5 million) in PlayMining earnings.

PlayMining Games

Digital Entertainment Asset has also launched several PlayMining games, including their flagship title JobTribes, a card battle game that is very popular and ranks 9th on DappRadar with over 40,000 Monthly Active Users (MAU).

Coin Pusher Game “Lucky Farmer” and a Puzzle Game “PlayMining Puzzle×JobTribes” are two other games that have been launched. The platform plans to release more than ten games this year, including a Coloring and Racing Game “Graffiti Racer” and Multitask Cooking Game “Cookin’ Burger.”

Multiple Listings

Now the utility token of the DEA ecosystem is getting listed on multiple regulated cryptocurrency exchanges, which collectively have about 10 million users worldwide. Not long ago, in late Jan. this year, DEP was also listed on the Japanese crypto exchange BITPOINT. The exchange is licensed by the Japanese Financial Services Agency. DEP is also the first play-to-earn token to be circulated in Japan.

Just last week, Taiwan-based ACE Exchange, which also serves the users of the US, Australia, and the Middle East, listed the DEP/TWD trading pair on its platform. Then on March 11, DEP/USDT pair was listed on BitMart. The Cayman Islands-based exchange is one of the top trading platforms, which recorded over $2.26 billion in trading volume in the past 24 hours.

Next week, India-based Bitbns will provide its users’ exposure to the DEP token. Its users will be able to trade in DEP/INR starting March 22, 00:30 (JST). “The DEP token is at the heart of our ecosystem. We are humbled by the support that we have received from the global community,” said DEA Co-founder and CEO Naohito Yoshida, adding that these fresh listings bring them “one step closer to realizing our vision of offering everyone equal access to earning opportunities.”