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CryptoGames Casino Review: A Provably Fair Crypto Casino Offering Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, Dice and Many Other Games

By October 3, 2020 No Comments

The web is currently full of Bitcoin casinos which offer a large amount of gaming option as well as sports betting options. For somebody who is only starting or that wants just to dip his feet into this pastime, it’s then easy to feel overwhelmed with all the options that are available on the market. This is where CryptoGames comes in. You can forget about the cluttered UI’s with thousands of shoddy gaming options, because CryptoGames goes completely in the other direction. The site’s main goal is to deliver a polished experience with its 8 games, each of them very well-made and easy to get into. Does it succeed in doing so?

The site certainly offers a lot of clever solutions and ideas to the crypto casino world and to keep it short, it should be a very enjoyable experience for most visitors. Now, if you want to read more about all that the site has to offer, you can read a short overview of the features below.

The positives:

  • Faucet system
  • Game fairness and transparency
  • Chat system that encourages interaction and helps build a sense of community
  • Coinswitch integration
  • Sleek design

The negatives:

  • Huge list of countries which don’t allow its residents to register
  • Relatively small selection of games
  • No first deposit bonus

UI and different platform support

The first thing that hits you it’s that the design is quite slick and very user-friendly. The main page features all the games and each of the 8 is at the very most just two clicks away. CryptoGames offers the same experience on mobile devices which is quite remarkable, as the mobile version offers the same functionality and features as the desktop variation.

After you select your preferred game you will be prompted to choose which cryptocurrency you would like to use and after that you will be ready to go. All the games offer useful features like statistics, top rankings and your bet history on the game.


One of CryptoGames best features is the chat feature, which enables players to interact with opponents, make friends and communicate/interact in more ways than a normal instant messaging service would let you.  Some key features that you can use:

  • the option of buying lottery tickets that you can share with others
  • the ability to do coin flips by using a special command in chat(!flip)
  • You may share your bets with your friends by inputting !bet [game] [bet ID number]
  • You have the ability to tip your opponents or your friends with your cryptocurrency of choice by inputting !tip [nickname] [amount] [coin] (as an example, !tip theRockJohnson 0.001 BTC),

Emojis are also enabled, so that you can add a bit of flair to all of your interactions. You can check the list of emojis that are included in the chat here.

The creators of the site have found an interesting way of enticing the players to use the chat feature – the more you use the chat, the more your “player level” grows and increases, which in turn means that you get to experience bigger rewards. Each single chat gets you one point, but just constantly spamming random gibberish will not make you get more points and it may in fact lead to an account ban. Your point total can always be checked in the “Rewards” tab, meanwhile to avoid being booted from the site, you can read through all the rules and possible commands here.

List of supported cryptocurrencies and different payment options

Currently CryptoGames accepts payments from the following 10 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Dogecoin, Stratis and Gas. No fiat options are available as of now.

The process is quite simple and for a new deposit, you only need a single confirmation. Deposits from exchanges usually clear in no time, meanwhile deposits that are sent directly from your wallet may need a bit longer.

Withdrawals are also done very quickly, with Ethereum withdrawals being the fastest (1 min), while the other coins tend take up to 5 minutes. Withdrawals have also a minimum withdrawal amount, which is currently set at 2 mBTC — milibitcon — 0.002 BTC.

There is a withdrawal fee for withdrawing your hard-earned coins. You can choose which-ever option you like, but keep in mind that the fee is connected to how quickly your transaction can be confirmed: bigger fee, quicker transaction confirmation (although keep in mind that the transaction speeds are also impacted by the coin’s network statuses). More details on the topic can be found on the “Deposit and Withdrawal” tab.


The registration process is predictably very simple, sleek and fast. You choose your new nickname, solve a Captcha and you’ll be ready to roll and explore the site and even try some games.

To experience the site to its full potential and to use all of the features though, you will have to complete also the following three steps.

1. E-mail verification. After the e-mail verification, your account will be given access to deposits, withdrawals and the chat feature.

2. Verification via SMS. This will grant you two additional faucet levels

3. Personal ID verification. This step will disable the speed limit on dice.

Until you complete these steps you are free to use the play money that is given at your disposal at the start. With the play money you will be able to experience the different type of games available to you and find the ones for which you would like to deposit your funds. There is also the interesting “faucet system” which enables you too periodically gain little amounts of your preferred cryptocurrency that can be then used on CryptoGames. You can read up on this system on the “Faucet reward system” section.

Registration Bonuses

The site does not offer a bonus for your first deposit, but they level the playing field by offering a bunch of different promotions for their player, like loyalty point deposit bonus and friend referrals. Each new player starts at the lowest loyalty level, but by staying active, playing games, making new wagers, one can quickly rise through the ranks and receive bigger and bigger rewards.


For each new player that you invite, CryptoGames divides 15% of the house edge for them and the share is distributed to every game equally (it is calculated based on betting amounts). If you would like to arrange for a custom rate, you have the ability to do so by contacting

Faucet reward system

As mentioned, as players rank up their loyalty levels, the rewards that are available to them steadily grow – their faucet rewards increase. At the lowest level a player can request just 10 faucets each day and for each time he will be awarded just a small amount of free BTC, 0.00000050 BTC at rank 0 to be exact.  In comparison, at the highest level attainable, level 35 (appropriately called “Brigadier General”), one is able to tap into the faucet up to 60 (!) times per day, gaining 0.00006150 BTC per faucet.

The whole system is neatly explained in the “Rewards” tab of the site, where you will be able to read up more on it.

Game variety

CryptoGames, has made available for its users a selection of 8 interesting and fun games. As CryptoGames take the fairness of their games very seriously, they made sure that their players have the option to check the inner workings of bets, house edges and other information with the help of the “Provably fair” tab. Nearby you will also find the “How to play tab”, which will show you the ropes and hopefully teach you on how to win big.  Here’s the full list of available games with the house edge included next for each of them: Video poker (2.1%), Minesweeper (1%), Roulette (2.7%), Plinko (1.7%), Slot (1.97%), Dice (0.8%), Blackjack (1.253%), Lottery (0%).

Periodical wagering competitions

CryptoGames monitors numerous wagering rankings – for each cryptocurrency independently, and every month the give awards to those that have ranked near the top. As an example, one of the winners from February of this year wagered 85 BTC on the site and received a reward of 0.17 BTC! For a proper breakdown of the leaderboards, how the winnings are being split and other details you can click on this link.

Customer support

If you have any problem or you need to contact the customer support at CryptoGames, you can do so by sending them an e-mail at or shoot a DM to the moderators of the CryptoGames chat. The company is also reachable and present on all the biggest social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+. ) as well as on the Bitcointalk forums, where there’s a CryptoGames thread in which questions can be made and answers can be had.

Company Info

CryptoGames is operated by MUCHGAMING B.V., a Curacao-based private LLC. The site holds an international eGaming license no. 1668/JAZ, which was granted by the Government of Curacao.

Unfortunately, at this moment, the registration is forbidden to residents of Australia, Aruba, Belgium, Bonaire, Curacao, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong, Iran, Israel, Italy, North Korea, Romania, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Turkey, The Netherland, United States, United States Territories, and the United Kingdom.

Final thoughts

As mentioned in the review, CryptoGames has a lot to offer and there’s a lot to enjoy. The mantra of “secure, transparent and easy to use” can be seen throughout the site and it’s not surprising that the site’s popularity is growing. Another reason for the popularity may well be the strong sense of community that is brought to the forefront by the neat chat, as other Crypto Casinos feel “dead” compared to CryptoGames and its bustling community. The faucet system is also a nice idea that compliments the chat system very well and keeps the community engaged. It’s a clever reward system that satisfies rookies and veterans alike and, more importantly, never stops being rewarding. One can say that a minus for CryptoGames is that it doesn’t offer a bigger selection of games, but each of the games that is present on the site is expertly made and a fun experience.

Unfortunately, CryptoGames does have also some negative aspects. The main one being the extensive list of restricted countries. The small line-up of games also emphasizes the lack of some other betting options, for example it lacks of a sport betting option or a live casino. All in all, the site is good, but it may not the one stop shop for all of your crypto casino needs.