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Easier, Faster & Better Crypto Research & Analysis with CoinCheckup

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Welcome to CoinCheckup!

Thanks for joining our growing community of over 40.000 CoinCheckup users. From this point forward, checking the prices on on the crypto market, researching & analyzing your future investments will be much easier.

CoinCheckup is on a mission to make cryptocurrency transparent and crypto research easy. That’s why in this post we’re going to share with you some of the most important features of CoinCheckup.

Here’s a quick overview of what you will be learning: 

 1: Overview pages for in depth crypto research

3: Advanced detail pages with all the detailed crypto information you need

4: The Algorithm rating system.

5: The ICO research platform


1. Overview pages. Navigate the crypto space easier, with CoinCheckup

One year ago, the CoinCheckup team set off with a big mission: to make cryptocurrency more transparent and crypto research easy. We are amazed at the great response from our community.

We continue to work very hard, implementing requests based on your feedback and ideas, in order to make this platform a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders.

We know it can sometimes be hard to start using a new platform, especially one with so many features and we’re here to guide you through this process.

We’ll start with our main pages for tracking crypto’s information to set the stage and show you what information you will be able to find here.


1.1 The homepage (Market Overview) and customization options

You will be able to see the most important pricing information as soon as you enter CoinCheckup.

If you want more detailed information, you can setup the homepage columns to display the information you want, by clicking CUSTOMIZE TABLE and selecting the information you would like displayed.

Keep in mind that you can also switch the columns order (by dragging them), to have them arranged however you see fit and your settings will be saved and displayed automatically once you are logged in.

customize cryptocurrency data

1.2. The FILTER COINS button

Navigating through over 1,500 coins can be horrific. That’s why you can use the FILTER COINS button to filter out any of the coins you are not interested in and find the ones that could be potential candidates for investing in a very short time.

You can filter them by 3 main filter categories (Coin Fundamentals, CoinCheckup Score and Market & Trading information), each one with a lot of options to pick from the dropdown.

filter cryptocurrency

1.3. The Global Market Chart

See the Global Cryptocurrency Market Cap and Volume in this chart and see how the crypto market evolved.

global crypto market chart

4. See the Top Gainers, Top Losers and Recently Added cryptocurrencies

You can easily see which are the latest cryptocurrencies that have been recently added to our index and see all the information we have about them. If you would like to research a specific new cryptocurrency you can contact

The Top Gainers and Top Losers pages will help you see which are the coins that took the biggest win or loss over the last 24 hours.

Let’s just say that if you own one of those in the first category, you might be in for a treat!  🙂

crypto top gainers

1.5 Investment Analysis page

In our Analysis sub-menu you will be able to find the Investment Analysis page. This page contains an overview of the historical performance and investment stats for all the listed cryptocurrencies. Think of items such as:

  • Start price
  • Current price
  • Compound Monthly Growth Rate [CMGR] for the last 3 months
  • Cumulative ROI
  • Coin age & market cap
  • Volume over the last 24 hours
  • All time high, both in your selected fiat currency and in BTC

Keep in mind that this view can also be customized & filtered using the buttons CUSTOMIZE TABLE and FILTER COINS.

investment analysis

1.6. Fundamental Analysis page

We’ll talk more about CoinCheckup’s Algorithm rating system later on, but you can already take a sneak preview at fundamentals page over here.

On the fundamentals page, you’ll find our ratings sorted per: Team, Product, Communication channels, etc.

fundamental analysis

1.7. GitHub Analysis page

Many experts believe that software projects such as open sources blockchain projects should see constant development in order to succeed. This can also be one of the criteria you should use when deciding whether to invest in a coin or not.

You can use the Github view to see the GitHub commits activity and community sizes of cryptocurrencies.


cryptocurrency github analysis

1.8. Pump & Dump tool

This is one of our latest additions to the CoinCheckup Portfolio.

On the Pump & Dump page, you’ll find all cryptocurrencies which suddenly show a spike of 5% or more within 5 minutes. This “could” mean that more buyers will see an opportunity to buy and grow the price of a cryptocurrency further.

However, where there are buyers there are sellers, usually, the people that cause the pump (meaning a sudden spike in price) are determined to sell their crypto at a profit.

After a price goes higher (price pump) within a short time frame the price could go lower within a short time frame as well (price dump).

Depending on your risk appetite you can “hold your cryptocurrencies” during a pump and possibly make a higher profit or sell them quickly to make a (smaller) profit with less risk.


1.9. Crypto Arbitrage Opportunities

Arbitrage is taking advantage of a price difference for cryptocurrencies between different exchanges and markets. On this page you’ll find all the latest opportunities for arbitrage trades across multiple crypto exchanges.


2: Advanced detail pages. Transparent cryptocurrency insights with CoinCheckup

In the previous section we’ve given you an overview of the main sections on CoinCheckup, where you can find them and the information you’ll be able to find in them.

Now, we’ll be walking you through a detailed coin page to see all the awesome information you’ll find with just the click of a button.

For this example, we’ll be looking at Ethereum’s data on

The first and one of the most important sections you will find in each coin’s details page is the Overview page. You’ll be able to find an “at a glance overview” about any crypto right here.

cryptocurrency overview page


From the coin’s main overview page you’ll easily be able to navigate to all the other sections in the sub-tabs, which include information like:


  • Basic charts for Volume, Market Cap & Price,
  • Advanced charts (including TradingView charts)



  • Fundamental Analysis and ratings – information gathered from the coin’s official channels by our research team and the score each coin has received by our algorithm based on that information
  • Coin’s facts & figures – the most important information about the Product details, the team behind the cryptocurrency, the social media & communication channels and efforts, and information about their ICO if they had one.
    Note: that there’s an edit button where you can submit updates for your favorite crypto.


  • GitHub development information
  • Google Search Trends information


  • General & Averages containing the coin’s investment performance statistics
  • Historical Performance
  • Trading History – Open – High – Low – Close – Volume data
  • VC Information: Basic questions that Angel Investors and Venture capital firms ask in their due diligence process.

Ethereum investment stats


Predictions – Predictions based on different growth patterns]

  • World wide money flows into the cryptocurrency market
  • Bitcoin’s Growth
  • Other tech sectors (internet, Facebook, Google or the mobile phone)

Ethereum price prediction


Markets – All the exchanges that are currently trading Ethereum

Purpose – Description and clarity of purpose of the coin, what are its differentiators from other coins on the market and the idea behind it.

News – Latest news about a cryptocurrency

Resources Useful links towards a crypto’s website, whitepaper, blockchain explorers or message boards.

Related Coins that are in the same category as the one you’re currently analyzing

Forum – Discussion forum about the coin

EventsEvents happening in the current month.


You probably already have some coins in mind that you want to research. Please go ahead and visit and jump-start the research process right now!


3: The CoinCheckup Algorithm Score


By this time, you probably researched a few cryptocurrencies using CoinCheckup. You might wonder how the Algo. Score is calculated.

Before we built CoinCheckup we used an excel sheet an advanced research process and an excel formula to rate cryptocurrencies. was practically born out of this excel sheet 🙂

We converted the excel formula to an algorithm that takes into consideration all the information we collect about a certain coin and that you can find inside its’ detail page and adds a score to it.

We are updating an researching the information on the coin’s websites and once we find anything new, we’ll directly add it to the detail page and the algorithm score will be updated automatically.

Over time we updated and tweaked our Algorithm formula. You’ll find the detailed formula here. It’s open source, so you’re free to suggest us changes and updates.

Note: that there’s an edit button on the detail page where you can submit updates for your favorite crypto.

On our Fundamentals overview page, you can find all the different algorithm scores and you can sort and filter them. Most people use this page to get quick insights to coins with the best team, product, communication, etc.

Also, note that the algorithm score (and other data on our site) should not be considered investment advice. Make sure you read our disclaimer carefully.


Thanks so much for reading this article all the way. We hope you’ve discovered some cool new tools for all your crypto research. We’re looking forward to seeing how you use CoinCheckup for your trading and research process.

If you have any thoughts or questions, send them on and we’ll keep you updated with the latest features and news as soon as we launch them.