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ChangeNOW: More Than Just Crypto Exchange Platform

By October 25, 2021 No Comments

Thinking of stepping into this mystifying crypto world and completely at sea with a slew of crypto products offered by the industry? Don’t worry, even crypto-savvy users are bewildered by an abundance of options to choose from.

ChangeNOW is what you might need. It offers a unique ecosystem of products and services for you, wherever you’re in your crypto journey.

Providing the best of the industry’s solutions for almost every crypto need in one place, ChangeNOW takes out the hassle of finding the right things separately.

How Does ChangeNOW Exchange Work?

Transacting on ChangeNOW is fast and transparent. It finds the quickest way to complete every crypto exchange, with a transaction fee varying between 0.5% and 4%, depending on whether you opt for a classic or fixed exchange rate.

A classic rate exchange uses the best rate on the market. It fluctuates due to ever-changing market conditions and network fees. In contrast, fixed-rate swaps remain unchanged, so you get exactly what you pay for. The price of a guaranteed rate is higher, however.  

You’re charged only for successful swaps. There are no hidden costs, with all the fees included in an exchange rate. Importantly, there are no deposit or withdrawal fees. 

The service is not limited to crypto-to-crypto swaps, providing users with an instant fiat-to-crypto exchange option as well. There are over 50 fiats supported via partnerships with Guardarian and Simplex, that can be paired with over 250 cryptos available on the platform.

ChangeNOW users can go either for in-app trading on both Android and iOS, or use the ChangeNOW full-scale online platform. There’s also a way to trade crypto via the Telegram bot, that perfectly suits the users who want to make it hassle-free to the fullest.

Non-custodial by definition, the ChangeNOW platform lets you have full control over your digital currencies, passwords, and keys. It strives to make the user experience as smooth as possible, making access to the platform registration-free, and creating an excessive ecosystem around it. 

NOW Product Family

ChangeNOW has a comprehensive ecosystem of 11 side products that excessively meet the needs and requirements of its audience. A smart infrastructure includes crypto loan options, and other in-house developments like a wallet, payment system, its own node, among others. 

Asset Listing

You can list your coin and token on ChangeNOW. Just fill out a simple application form and get a reply in 2 business days. Yes, it’s as easy as it can be. 

Token Swap

ChangeNOW offers a hassle-free mainnet migration solution. Its highly skilled dev team is there to design a custom swap flow for you. You will also get your personal project manager to ensure a seamless migration process in no time.

ChangeNOW Wallet

Beautiful in its simplicity, the NOW Wallet is a culmination of the expertise of ChangeNow’s highly skilled development team.  

With a focus on privacy and security, the non-custodial wallet supports the most popular digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and ERC-20 tokens.

On a par with ChangeNOW’s crypto swap functionality, the NOW Wallet allows users to buy cryptocurrencies with bank accounts or Visa/MasterCard cards. 

Community members can submit ideas for how they want to customize their wallets. Available for Android and iOS devices, the NOW Wallet is a real boon for crypto users.

NOW Payments

If you’re venturing to adopt crypto-enabled payments or donations, explore an avenue of integrating the NOW Payments protocol into your website, store, or social media accounts.

With NOW Payments, you’ll get over 100 coins and tokens, instant payouts, low fees starting at 0.4%, and a personal support manager available 24/7. The integration process and setup are a breeze.

ChangeNOW Mobile 

ChangeNOW Mobile is an iOS and Android app enabling you to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and 250+ more cryptos with USD, EUR, or a dozen other fiat currencies on the go. No accounts, limits, and custody for you to make the most of crypto exchange. You can also stake your NOW tokens to cash in on yearly rewards. The longer you hold the stake, the bigger reward you get.

Lightning NOW

Lightning NOW is a Lightning node hosted by ChangeNOW. Well-connected to other network participants, the node ensures smooth channel creation between Lightning Network users. It enables new use cases like instant micro-payments, speeding up the processing times. Lightning Network has amazing scalability; it is capable of processing a staggering amount of transactions per second across the network. 

The Premium Lounge

The Premium Lounge is an enhanced crypto platform available for ChangeNOW’s premium members. Upon registration, users get instant access to a detailed overview of their past crypto swaps and limitless crypto loans with affordable APR rates. Bitcoin and other cryptos can be used as collateral for open-ended contracts.

 NOW Nodes

The NOW Nodes product proudly powered by ChangeNOW enables access to Explorers and Node APIs of over 40 different blockchains, including BTC, ETH, DOGE, and BSC from the top 100 CoinMarketCap.

With the API response time of less than a second, and the node uptime of 99.95%, you may rest assured your service will have consistent access to the blockchain data. Trezor, Guarda, and many other satisfied users have already taken advantage of NOW Nodes.

NOW Tracker 

The NOW Tracker app by ChangeNOW is geared towards both hot and cold wallets, automatically updating your balances using block explorers. Available for Andriod and iOs, NOW Tracker is utterly secure with all the sensible information kept on your device. It supports over 7,000 coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Cardano, Monero, to name but a few. You can choose to display your cryptos’ current value against 20 fiat currencies. 

Using this one-stop app, you can take advantage of portfolio distribution graphs sorted by tickers or networks. You also get its best-in-class AES-encrypted backup feature to manage all the cryptocurrencies you hold and keep track of your portfolio’s performance. 

ChangeNOW Telegram Bot

The Telegram Bot allows users to make swaps and trades through the Telegram platform. With its timely push notifications, you will keep abreast of the latest updates from your smartphone or via Telegram Desktop.

Signing Up and Verification

ChangeNOW places a high value on protecting your privacy, confidentiality, and security. With its non-custodial crypto swaps, you keep 100% control of your crypto holdings, and the whole swap process remains absolutely transparent.

You don’t need to sign up for the platform to swap cryptocurrencies. The same goes for verification unless you’re going to buy crypto with fiat money.

All fiat transactions require the KYC procedure. ChangeNOW tried to speed up and simplify the process to the extent possible, so it teamed up with Sumsub KYC provider to take care of that. The identity verification process is smooth and fast.

Customer Support

Providing spotless customer support, ChangeNOW always puts clients first. Live chat support is available on the website where all your issues are handled on time. You can also reach out to the support team via email. Additionally, there’s a FAQ page for you to find answers to some common questions.

NOW Token

ChangeNOW is also proud to have its native utility token NOW, which can be used as a payment for all the NOW products or for asset listing. NOW can be staked on the platform to earn rewards of up to 25% ROI. It will also be used in ChangeNOW’s cashback feature that is coming soon. 

Referral Program

Promote your ChangeNOW affiliate link through your website, blog, or social media account, and cash in on amounts your referrals exchange.  


There are no reasons to doubt ChangeNOW’s safety. Being at the forefront of the crypto industry for several years already, it complies with the best security practices and industry standards.

All the private information is encrypted and stored in specialized secure storage and is never transferred to any third party. So, the risk of being hacked is extremely low. ChangeNOW’s enhanced fraud prevention measures are aimed at detecting any abnormal behavior that poses a security risk. 

ChangeNOW’s intelligent risk management AML system has proved its efficiency many times. It detected the notorious 2019 GateHub hack, resulting in ChangeNOW’s return of 500,000 stolen XRP. The recent assistance in returning about $14.5 million to Compound that was mistakenly gone out to its user due to Compound’s upgrade bug is also a bright example of the system’s success. 


So, what are the most important features and benefits offered by ChangeNOW that brought it to the limelight of the crypto world? 

ChangeNOW, a one-stop platform for your crypto needs, is geared towards enhancing your digital life. With over 50,000 swap options offered by ChangeNOW, exchanging crypto has never been easier. ChangeNOW allows you to buy or sell any asset in a snap, offering fixed rates and no hidden fees.

You can buy digital assets for over 50 fiat currencies, including EUR, USD, and GBP, using Visa and MasterCard cards.

ChangeNOW offers no upper limits for purchasing crypto. You can start from as low as $2 and swap as many cryptocurrencies as you want. ChangeNOW will provide the most favorable exchange rates for your trading pairs.

Charging one of the lowest service fees on the market, ChangeNOW exchanges cryptos at a blistering pace, with an average crypto swap taking 2 minutes.

ChangeNOW sticks to the “good karma” principle. It believes that empathy, sincerity, and trust in business relationships are the true demonstration of core crypto principles. Perhaps this is what takes it to new heights of success and effectiveness.

ChangeNOW embraces feedback and ideas from the crypto community, pursuing opportunities to further improve its products and services. 

Prioritizing customer satisfaction, ChangeNOW constantly scales its innovation efforts to provide a growing number of its customers with best-in-class crypto solutions.  

So whether you’re a crypto-savvy fan or just dabbling in the digital world, there has never been a more convenient way to access the full range of crypto products and services thanks to ChangeNOW.