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Breitling Taps Ethereum to Supply Digital Certificates for Its Luxury Watches

By November 7, 2020 No Comments

Switzerland-based Breitling is famous for its luxury watches. The prestigious company is cooperating with blockchain project Arianee to release a new type of certificate for its watches. Breitling now provides a unique digital code that verifies the source of its products.

Arianee is utilizing ERC-721, an Ethereum standard for non-fungible tokens. Breitling uses this solution for its digital passport. It is a blockchain-based solution, and it helps Breitling guarantee the future of the passports and protect them against alteration and manipulation.

When customers purchase a watch from Breitling, they will receive a card that can be scanned. Then, they can download a wallet from Arianee and install it on their smartphone. Everyone can add their watch to the wallet. Key information like serial number and the date of activation can be seen here – it`s a sort of digital guarantee.

These kinds of certificates are useful when you want to sell your luxury watch. This feature helps you verify the validity of your watch, and prove to potential buyers that it is not a counterfeit. Every watch owner can change the certificate possession and transfer ownership to another person.

Breitling can attach information during the time, and for instance, you can have the history of the watch’s repairs. This transparency is fantastic, and everyone can track the watch during its lifetime.

The certificates are privacy-based, and information like email address, phone number, and other personal details won`t be released. The address of your wallet is the only thing that is attached to you.

Breitling’s new certificates are just one of the use cases for non-fungible tokens, as they can enable many significant use cases in the industry. Dentsu Tracking is another organization that works with Breitling. This organization can help Breitling to trace its supply chain.

Digital certificates mentioned in this article are a creative approach, and represent yet another use case for blockchain technology. Counterfeit products are always a risk, especially when it comes to luxury products, and this blockchain-based solution can help combat counterfeiting. Blockchain can revolutionize supply chain management and regulation, and it protects the products against manipulation and alteration.

Many people see blockchain as a technology for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. However, blockchain has countless applications beyond just finance and money. Blockchain can and has been used in different fields like medical care, banking, agriculture, education, and many more.