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Bitcoin Influencer Dan Held Is Joining Trust Machines

By July 21, 2022 No Comments

Key takeaways:

  • Trust Machine is a startup on a mission to create the largest ecosystem of Bitcoin apps, develop innovation, and significantly expand the Bitcoin economy
  • Trust Machine has appointed Dan Held as Growth Marketing Advisor. Held previously worked as director of Growth Marketing at Kraken, Director of products for, among other roles in different companies
  • Trust Machines have made several other strategic appointments, starting from Q2, 2022, after raising $150 million in February

Trust Machines, the startup on a mission to create the largest ecosystem of Bitcoin Apps, has announced today that Dan Held will join them as an adviser. The company, which is exclusively dedicated to growing the Bitcoin economy, announced that Held will assist with the growth of Trust Machines, its applications built on the Bitcoin blockchain.

A Top Achiever Joins a Top Team

By getting Dan Held on board, Trust Machines has added an experienced talent and an astute professional to its team. Widely recognized for his works as Director of Growth Marketing at Kraken, Held has made a name for himself in the crypto universe. He co-founded Zeroblock, a company that was acquired by in the second-ever all-Bitcoin acquisition. He has also worked for as the Director of Product.

In addition to doing great jobs for different crypto companies and cofounding one successful company, Dan Held has become a real authority in the Bitcoin community. He is now a prominent educator, having garnered over 75,000 followers across social media platforms.

Speaking about Dan Held’s appointment, CEO of Trust Machines, Muneeb Ali, said:

Dan has an amazing ability to simplify amazing concepts and reach large audiences. We’re seeing a revival of Bitcoin builders culture and Dan’s work with us on growth marketing can help accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin layers and unlock productive capital through Bitcoin apps.”

Dan Held’s New Role

In his new role as an adviser, Dan Held will concentrate on building and scaling the marketing department of Trust Machines. He is also tasked with developing strategies for Trust Machines products, as well as providing advisory support to the CEO.

Held’s new role is a perfect fit for his skill set and wide experience in product and marketing at Kraken,, and Uber.

Commenting on his new role as Trust Machines’ Growth Marketing Advisor, Dan Held said:

I’m thrilled to announce my role at Trust Machines as an advisor. I believe Trust Machines and its team is uniquely positioned to bring DeFi applications to the Bitcoin protocol, inevitably unlocking trillions in value.”

Building a Strong Team

2022 has been a busy first year for Trust Machines. Over the 2nd Quarter of the year, the company has made several key additions, including:

  • Aubrey Strobel: Communications Advisor who served as Head of Communications at Lolli
  • Asiff Hirji: Advisor. President of Figure and former President and Chief Operating Officier (COO) of Coinbase
  • Manas Mohapatra: General Counsel. Formerly with BNY Mellon and Twitter
  • Rena Shah: Head of Strategy. Formerly Head of Exchange at Binance U.S.

Trust Machines was created in February 2022. The company announced that it raised about $150 million in February from a number of investors, including Breyer Capital, Digital Currency Group, GoldenTree, Hivemind, and Union Square Ventures. The company was created with the goal of expanding Bitcoin as a DeFi platform and developing innovation on Bitcoin. With its current team, the company is obviously poised for great things.