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Birth of an Innovative Marketplace Fungatopia®

By November 27, 2021 No Comments

Funganomics® is delighted to announce that there will be a release of its wares in three stages; the first stage is the Fungatopia® marketplace platform launch which is aimed at supporting NFTs and integrated gaming. The second stage is set to be released when the company introduces its Augmented Reality platform and the third stage will see the release of its debut Play-To-Earn game; Funganomics Ultimate Showdown (FUS).

Funganomics® is also proud to announce that it will be releasing its first NFT collection which comprises variations on eight characters with limited edition traits taking their initial drop to 10,000 all available for minting. The characters; four heroes and four antagonists will possess full in-game utility within the company’s FGS Games division and their premier P2E game offering. These characters will also have additional utility via their Augmented Reality platform thus unlocking rewards available only to character and clan owners.

Funganomics® is the sole provider of a fully bespoke NFT community and P2E gaming platform with their marketplace; Fungatopia® acting as a veritable component within the Funganomics® ecosystem; an ecosystem designed to reward gamers, partners, collaborators and gamers for participation while helping artists and brands scale easily within the NFT space.

The company presents NFTs across three separate asset classes which are; visual, audio and video. By enabling NFT collectors and creators to segment and categorise their collections and trade them, they present a versatility which is found in only the best NFT marketplaces offering high quality NFTs on a secure and stable user friendly platform with an ability to trade both internally within the ecosystem and on external marketplaces.

Leveraging on the popularity of NFTs and the potential of blockchain commerce, it is believed that if executed correctly, most brands can benefit when they complement their marketing strategy with an NFT inspired initiative. In fact many of the largest brands in the world are actively looking to NFT platforms to enhance their brand and add an incremental revenue stream but sadly, they just don’t know how to enter the space effectively. Unfortunately, this may be why several brands and artists are yet to gain recognition and traction within their respective initiatives. 

The Fungatopia® platform is perfectly placed for offering this type of service, presenting brands with the opportunity to work effectively and efficiently. Funganomics® on individual projects and brands help in discovering a plethora of bespoke solutions on offer from this NFT trailblazer. 


  1. Instant rewards are accessed easily thus, making Play-To-Earn more exciting. Players can trade with the rewards they earn by trading NFTs and tokens
  2. Play-To-Earn games give players much more control. It affords players the opportunity to create their own item on the blockchain and sell it for profit unlike traditional games
  3. Metaverse has been gaining traction and made it possible for P2E gamers to create virtual assets like “real estate” and sell them
  4. P2E has changed narratives on gaming following the growing crypto waves and the fact that many people have a certain attitude towards gambling but Play-To-Earn (P2E) has rode on the respect cryptocurrency has earned as an investment with good returns. So it’s no longer just gaming but business.

Funganomics® have a clear focus of providing gaming experiences and ensuring that community membership provides opportunities to earn rewards desired within the game setting that is most suitable. There are many games at seed concept and development stages that Funganomics® is seeking to bring to community members.

Funganomics® operates on a web based and mobile app gaming interface.

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