BEP-20 Token for Global SMEs, Digital Commerce Expansion Lists on ProBit Global

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dobuy Probit Global listing

The digital asset and capital reserve designed to meet and solve the problems of the potential market for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is to list on ProBit Global.

The dobuy (DBY) token targets a potential $1 trillion opportunity across a market represented by roughly 10 million SMEs as they more actively participate in international markets using the dobuy platform.

The dobuy infrastructure will integrate with current systems, collaborate with the financial regulatory sector, and innovate as a technology provider as it builds a commercial ecosystem of products, goods, and services to support the deployment and acceptance of DBY as a global utility token.

The platform, which is fully auditable at all times by users and partners, will enable lower transaction costs, registration, and faster settlement time to support businesses with micro payments, helping businesses manage cash flow – as well as facilitating transparent financial aid and donations.

DBY’s success in demonstrating real use cases can potentially increase its market value as it is used for the transfer of resources including remittances, making payments, acquiring products and services, investments, and other businesses like implementing sports marketing strategies. The token allows forB2B, P2P, and B2C transactions to fulfill all the requirements of an increasingly globalized economy with a base price set in U.S. dollars.


DBY is a usability token based on the BEP-20 technology. It runs on the dobuyLEDGER public ledger which records and securely audits transactions on the platform. DBY is used in real payment transactions and financial operations between partners and platform users.


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