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As Hathor Builds on Its 2021 Roadmap, HTR/BTC Pair Goes Live on KuCoin

By March 5, 2021 No Comments

Key highlights:

  • KuCoin has listed the HTR/BTC trading pair
  • HTR is the native asset of the Hathor Network, a distributed ledger platform that combines the blockchain and DAG data structures
  • Hathor features merged mining with Bitcoin and Litecoin

HTR/BTC pair goes live on KuCoin

The popular KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange has added a new trading pair for HTR, the native asset of the Hathor Network. In addition to the HTR/USDT trading pair, KuCoin users can now also trade HTR against Bitcoin. 

As a relatively fresh blockchain project (the Hathor mainnet launched in early 2020), the HTR/BTC listing will go a long way towards ensured that the HTR markets are easily accessible and sufficiently liquid. In January, KuCoin became the first major cryptocurrency exchange to list HTR.

The pair is already seeing some solid activity, despite only launching yesterday – HTR/BTC saw $382,000 worth of trading in the last 24 hours. For now, the HTR/USDT pair on KuCoin is still more popular, as it saw $2.5 million worth of trades in the same time period.

Hathor combines the blockchain and DAG data structures

Hathor is a distributed ledger platform that employs both a blockchain and a directed acyclic graph (DAG) in its design. The network is maintained through Proof-of-Work consensus, and is merged mined with Bitcoin and Litecoin

Thanks to its unique design, Hathor provides very quick and feeless transactions. The platform also features a very straightforward process for issuing custom tokens, which is one of the most widely used features of blockchains today. 

Hathor will also Nano Contracts, which the project describes as a simplified version of smart contracts. These Nano Contracts can determine how assets on the Hathor Network will be distributed among different users at a later point. 

According to the Hathor roadmap, the project is currently working on implementing this functionality, and plans to implement extended Nano Contracts capabilities in the third quarter of this year. In the same quarter, the Hathor team also plans to introduce NFT support to the Hathor Network.

HTR has been able to ride the cryptocurrency market’s positive momentum, and the coin has produced substantial gains as of late – in the last 30 days, the token is up about 227%.