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ABEYCHAIN Chosen to Host Puppy Planet’s Launch

By December 16, 2021 No Comments
Puppy Planet

The NFT and gaming industries have been collaborating a lot recently, and with the implementation of ‘Play To Earn’ (P2E), many gamers are now able to earn money as they play. Moreover, thanks to the relationship between NFTs, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies, earning an income while playing games has never been easier. Having said that, Puppy Planet will be the first of numerous P2E cryptocurrency games set to launch on ABEYCHAIN.

What makes Puppy Planet different?

Puppy Planet is a canine-themed GameFi offering and is now readily available to the public after launching on December 15th. Puppy Planet was created by British-based Puppy NFT Labs, and is primarily aimed at combining the realms of NFTs, DeFi, and various GameFi platforms.
Puppy Planet merges the smart contract gaming capabilities of Axie Infinity with the seemingly limitless possibilities for customers to participate in the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collectibles market. Puppy Planet players can earn income by selling and purchasing NFT pets, and can also mine the native PUP token, all while enjoying the game.

ABEYCHAIN is hosting Puppy Planet as its first P2E game, marking the blockchain’s debut into the growing metaverse realm.

Puppy Planet developers chose ABEYCHAIN because of the blockchain’s rapid expansion. ABEYCHAIN has been progressively gaining more than 20,000 active ABEY 2.0 addresses on a weekly basis since the fall, resulting in a blockchain with over 140,000 users.

XSwap, a DEX on ABEYCHAIN, has also listed Puppy Planet’s native PUP token. Gamers may now use XSwap to exchange their PUP for the USDT stablecoin along with many other popular cryptocurrencies. ABEY’s wallet is available on both Android and iOS, which increases the project’s accessibility since nearly everyone utilizes smartphones compatible with at least one of these.

As of the game’s release the PUP token was trading around $1.25, up from the initial price of $0.10 and an increase of nearly 1200% for early players.


To quote Philipp Sauerborn, the co-founder and director of the ABEY Foundation, “ABEYCHAIN is one of the world’s fastest-growing blockchains and therefore a great choice for everyone.”

“The addresses that are being added to the blockchain daily also show how involved and effective the ABEY ecosystem is,” Sauerborn continued.
Another plus, ABEYCHAIN is a well-regarded public chain employing a hybrid DPoS and PoW consensus widely considered to be useful for a variety of purposes, focusing as it does on dApp creation, cross-chain compatibility, and numerous use cases.

ABEYCHAIN has the potential for also being a good, sustainable investment. Game developers and creators alike can derive benefit from ABEYCHAIN over the long term given its overall ecosystem of play-to-earn, mining, PUP token performance, and NFT marketplace.

What has Puppy Planet accomplished thus far?

A project is only as good as its past achievements, and Puppy Planet is no exception.

Puppy Planet recently conducted two successful PUP token presales and two ‘Blind Box’ deals, each selling out quickly ahead of today’s full game release.
Puppy Planet’s inaugural PUP token presale in October, amounting to 7,500,000 PUP tokens totaling 500,000 USDT sold out in less than 8 hours to 5,000 registered ABEY addresses.

Another presale amounting to 1,200,000 PUP tokens worth 100,000 USDT sold out in a few minutes. Gamers taking part in this early ‘Blind Box’ sale received an early chance to gain NFT items which are now super rare and highly collectible.

The first ‘Blind Box’ auction which was held in the second week of November similarly sold out in under fifteen minutes. Another ‘Blind Box’ auction, held December 2nd, sold out even faster, in just ten minutes.
Of the 5,000 Puppy ‘Blind Boxes’, 3,000 were categorized as ‘Ancient Puppy Gacha’ and 2,000 as ‘Legend Puppy Gacha.’ The 75 puppy images used will not be reissued again, hence their status as highly coveted collector items.

What’s next?

Users who previously registered can still purchase the PUP token which allows them to participate in Puppy Planet’s ecosystem. Further plans include the eventual issuance of 180 million total PUP tokens, 90 million of which are allocated for game mining in farm or battlefield environments.
Furthermore, half the funds generated by official sales will be put into the mining pool to be utilized as incentives. Additionally, by taking part in PUP mining, players have the opportunity to earn income. And, as the price of the PUP token grows, so too player earnings, which makes playing the game even more profitable.

PUP tokens can also be used to trade, buy, and sell NFTs, release earnings, props, as well as hatch pets which would be at a comparatively higher level. Participating in game governance is another player incentive, allowing players to voice concerns and take a proactive role in the game’s overall development and direction. There are also plans for Puppy Planet participants to acquire digital land within the game’s metaverse in later editions.