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5% Bonus: Utorg and Industry-Leading Crypto Companies to Make a Difference for Ukraine

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Ukranian holding 5-year coin

Tallinn, June 28, 2022While many Ukrainians are suffering from the consequences of the Russian invasion, industry-leading crypto companies unite to support the victims of the war. A supportive program was initiated by a fintech company Utorg, which is a licensed fiat-to-crypto service provider. Under the frames of this program, all Ukrainian citizens with actual ID cards issued in Ukraine get an instant discount for the purchase of cryptocurrency.

For a period of 1 week, all Ukrainian users who have the KYC Level 1 verification on Utorg are qualified to take advantage of the instant 5% bonus while purchasing crypto with UAH from the following websites:

  1. Near wallet
  3. zkSync wallet
  4. Wirex wallet
  5. Velas
  6. WhiteBIT
  7. VeleroDAO

Both existing and new users can participate in this supportive program. To get the KYC Level 1 verification, a new user should start purchasing crypto on the above-mentioned platforms via Utorg. While doing this, the service will request the user to verify their account by following two simple steps.

The first step requires a user to upload a photo of their actual ID card. Secondly, verify the user’s identity using a web camera (to make a few turns of the head in front of the camera). When the user completes these steps, the AI-based algorithm will automatically check all the information provided and send an email, which confirms the success of the verification. Afterward, all subsequent crypto purchases will have a discount displayed as a 5% bonus in the Order Details section on the checkout screen.

More information about this program can be found here:

About Utorg

Utorg is a licensed virtual currency service provider operating in 187 countries. The company’s core product is a fiat-to-crypto payment widget embeddable into any Web3 product. It enables users to buy crypto using 10+ most popular payment methods (bank cards, instant bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and local payment systems), which, together with the built-in AI-powered KYC, takes less than 3 minutes. The solution has been highly appreciated by industry-leading companies from all over the world.

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